13 January 2018

Baofeng BF-TI / 9100A Mini PMR Test & Review


Fred takes a look at the tiny little Baofeng BF-TI 9100A

6 January 2018

PMR 446 Goes 16 Channel In The UK?

It was 'Breaking News' way back in July 2015 (Link) that the PMR446 analogue and digital allocations would double in size once all the required red tape had been sorted out. 

In the UK we were later greeted by a draft document from OFCOM which stated that the changes were expected to come into force in 'January 2018'.

However since then no further word from OFCOM so are we to assume the the changes have indeed come into effect and we now have 16 analogue and up to 32 digital channels on the band?

I have emailed OFCOM to see if I can find out........

In the meantime I haven't seen any new 16 channel radios in the shops here in the UK... Have you noticed any? If so let me know and I'll feature them here on the blog.

East Midlands Net 04/01/2018

Video:YouTube/Airshow World

One the of newest regular nets here in the UK, The East Midlands Net. Well done to the guys involved and it just goes to show that if CB activity is low in your area it only takes one or two determined stations to get a net going and before you know it there will be stations calling in from far and wide. 

14 December 2017

Radioddity GD-77 Upgrade With VFO MODE!


So this video shows a new firmware for the Radioddity GD-77 which adds several features to the radio including a VFO mode. 

PLEASE NOTE this firmware is not yet available on the Radioddity website so upgrade AT YOUR OWN RISK

It is said to come from a Radioddity employee but I cannot confirm this 100%. The original post is on the 'Radioddity Two Way Radio' Facebook Page.

I will be waiting for some feedback from other users before trying myself as I do not want a bricked radio!!!!!

UPDATE: Firmware and new software now on official Radioddity website - CLICK HERE

New: Baofeng DM-1701 Dual Band DMR Radio

So it would appear that there is yet another DMR handheld radio in the works, this time from Baofeng.

The Baofeng DM-1701 is a dual band radio with FM and DMR modes. The dual controls on the top of the radio may indicate a VFO mode/Channel Selector?

There is no word of a cost yet but Baofeng are normally one of the cheapest suppliers out there so hopefully it will be a good price. 

Below you can see the first 'Real World' photo of the radio....

CB Radio UK - The Southern Net - 07/12/17

Video:YouTube/CT 2116 Tim

Another video of one of the many regular nets which take place around the UK......

9 December 2017

The First East Midlands DX Group Net

Video:YouTube/Airshow World

Another new SSB net has launched here in the UK. The first East Midlands DX Group Net took place this week and will hopefully become a regular feature on the UK CB Radio scene.

5 December 2017

President Ronald 10/12 @ Nevada Soon!

So Nevada have become the first UK seller to take pre-orders for the new President Ronald 10/12m radio.

Priced at £179.95 it certainly isn't cheap. The US price is $139 which equates to £105 (YES you read that correctly!!!)

But even if we forget about the price we do have to ask who is actually going to buy this radio?