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Baofeng DM-5R Problems?

Facebook users are reporting that Radioddity are sending out emails to those who have ordered the Baofeng DM-5R claiming that there is a problem with the radios firmware:

"Dear Customer,

We have an update for you on the status of the BaoFeng DM-5R.

Your DM-5R is ready to be shipped. We are confident you will enjoy the crisp, clear sound of the DM-5R. The DM-5R comes out of the box supporting only MOTOTRBO Tier I.

Thanks to the help of our Radioddity Review Team, we have found a bug in the software that makes updating the radio to Tier II inherently risky. If upgraded incorrectly, the user faces the possibility of disabling the radio, which would then need to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. Radioddity does not suggest that you upgrade your DM-5R to Tier II manually. Manual upgrading should be done only by professionals.

We are working to fix this. We will re-release the DM-5R in one month’s time with a system update. This re-release will have Tier II standard. 

Here are your options:

1. Maintain your order status, receive the DM-5R with the current software in the next 5-10 days.

2. Transfer your order to a DM-5R with upgraded software, for no additional price. Receive your radio October 20-30th.

3, Cancel your order, receive a full refund.

We are working to provide detailed documentation to assist in the Tier II upgrading process, to support those who wish to upgrade their DM-5R.

Please respond to this email and let us know which option you would like to take going forward.



The saga continues......

President Lincoln 2+ £249 @ Knights

Doug at Knights Electrocom says he'll have the updated Lincoln 2+ in from 30th September.

Priced at £249

Baofeng DM-5R Mysterious Price Rise?

If like me you still have your doubts about the reported new Baofeng DM-5R the mystery deepens with an apparent price rise on the Radioddity website. The original quoted price was $69.99, but this has now increased to $89.99

The very cheap price was one of the reasons many doubt the existence of this radio.... The new higher price makes it a little more believable I suppose.

          (Click to enlarge)

The website does appear to be taking orders and shipping the radios from China. It will be interesting to hear from anyone who manages to get their hands on one of these radios...

Superstar 3900EU With UK EPROM Board


I don't know about you, but watching this video and the previous videos from DrAwesome, I get the feeling that his radio is a little off frequency....

It could just be his frequency counter of course.

President Lincoln 2+ UK Price Revealed!


With stock due to arrive soon in the UK, Nevada have become the first to announce the price they will be charging for the updated President Lincoln 2+

Lincoln II Plus Information
Latest version of this very popular 10/12m all mode transceiver ! Makes a great mobile or base station, you can work some real DX on 12m (24MHz) and of course on the very exciting 10m (28MHz) band.
Features :- 
  • Rotary switch and Up/down channel selector
  • VFO Mode (continuous scanning of 24.880 Mhz to 24.980 Mhz and of 28.000 Mhz to 29.700 Mhz)
  • Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
  • RF Power
  • Manual squelch and ASC
  • Multi-functions LCD display
  • Frequency display
  • S-meter
  • Public Address
  • Vox function (Hands free)
  • ANL filter , NB and HI-CUT
  • RF Gain / Mike gain
  • Clarifier
  • Channels and memories scan
  • 6 Memories
  • CTCSS (38 tones)
  • DCS (104 codes)
  • Dimmer control
  • MENU function key
  • Beep Function
  • Roger Beep
  • Mode switch AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW
  • Dual watch
  • Key locking
  • SWR (Power Reading /SWR)
  • Preset emergency
  • TOT (Time Out Timer) adjustable
  • Front microphone plug
  • External loudspeaker jack
  • Back light colour selection : Orange/Green/Blue
  • Dimensions H x W x D (in mm) : 52 x 170 x 250
  • Weight : 1.4 kg

      Technical characteristics :-
  • Bands 10/12m   24/28MHz
  • Modulation modes    AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW
  • Frequency ranges 28.000 MHz to 29.700 MHz / from 24.880 Mhz to 24.980 Mhz
  • CTCSS 38 tones
  • DCS 104 codes
  • Antenna impedance 50 ohms
  • Power supply 13.2 V
  • Dimensions H x W x D 52 x 170 x 250mm
  • Weight 1.4 kg
  • Accessories supplied power cord with fuse
  • 1 microphone and its hanger
  • 1 mounting bracket with fixing screws

  • Frequency allowance +/- 300 Hz
  • Carrier power 12 W AM / 35 W FM / 35 W USB-LSB / 12 W CW
  • Transmission interference inferior to - 50 dBc
  • Audio response 300 Hz to 3 kHz
  • Emitted power in the adj. channel inferior to 20 µW
  • Microphone sensitivity 3 mV
  • Drain 6A (with modulation)
  • Modulated signal distortion 2 %

  • Maxi. sensitivity at 20 dB sinad 0,7 ?V -110 dBm (AM)
  • 0,35 ?V -116 dBm (FM)
  • 0.28µV-118 dBm (USB/LSB/CW)
  • Frequency response 300 Hz to 3 kHz
  • Adjacent channel selectivity    60 dB
  • Maximum audio power 3 W
  • Squelch sensitivity    :mini 0.2 ?V - 120 dBm
  • maxi 1 mV - 47 dBm
  • Frequency image rejection rate 60 dB
  • Intermediate frequency rej. rate 70 dB
  • Drain 400 mA nominal, 600 mA max

PRICE: £249.95

Link to Nevada Website: CLICK

Monday, 26 September 2016

A Look at the 'New' SuperStar 3900EU


A quick look at the 'new' Superstar 3900EU....

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Baofeng DM-5R UPDATE From Radioddity

Radioddity.com have issued a statement regarding the NEW Baofeng DM-5R Dual Band Digital Handheld:

"On September 12th, we announced the release of the BaoFeng DM-5R on Radioddity.com. The BaoFeng DM-5R is the first DMR from BaoFeng, a rising star in the two-way radio production sphere. Radioddity.com and its Amazon Affiliate Store Sanatop are the exclusive retailers of the BaoFeng DM-5R, and the only stores that can be trusted to bring you a genuine DM-5R, backed up with fully cooperative customer support. The following addresses a few popular rumors about the BaoFeng DM-5R.

Click HERE to Pre-order your DM-5R on Radioddity.com. Send us an email (to support@radioddity.com) or Private Message us on Facebook BEFORE 9/26 to claim your BAOFENG DM-5R, and we’ll email you back a coupon for an extra 10% off!

As a manufacturer, BaoFeng has gained a large following in the Ham radio community, and a reputation for producing great quality radios at a very affordable price. Favorite BaoFeng Radios include the BaoFeng UV-5R line, the BaoFeng BF-888s, the BaoFeng UV-82 line and the BaoFeng GT line.

At $70, the dual-band BaoFeng DM-5R provides crystal-clear digital transmission, at a price point unmatched in the digital mobile radio space.

Since the initial DM-5R press release, there have been many questions about the DM-5R. We’re here to clear up as many of those questions as possible. We’ll do so with a simple game of TRUE or FALSE.

Rumor 1: The BaoFeng DM-5R is not compatible with MOTOTRBO TIER 2.
FALSE. While the BaoFeng DM-5R comes out of the box only supporting Tier 1, it can be easily upgraded to support Tier 2 online. The upgrade will be available at Radioddity.com as well as BaoFeng’s official website (under construction). This upgrade costs less than $10.

Rumor 2: The BaoFeng DM-5R is a dPMR, not a DMR.
FALSE. The standards for a DMR are as follows:
TS 102 361-1: Air interface protocol
TS 102 361-2: Voice and generic services and facilities
TS 102 361-3: Data protocol
TS 102 361-4: Trunking protocol

The DM-5R meets each of the ETSI Standards listed above. A true DMR, not a dPMR.

Click HERE to Pre-order your DM-5R on Radioddity.com. Send us an email (to support@radioddity.com) or Private Message us on Facebook BEFORE 9/26 to claim your BAOFENG DM-5R, and we’ll email you back a coupon for an extra 10% off!

Rumor 3: The BaoFeng DM-5R is not FCC or IC certified.
FALSE. The BaoFeng DM-5R has met FCC and IC standards in its testing. The documents may not be visible online, as it takes about 4 weeks for the documents to be available.

Rumor 4: “Buyer Beware”
TRUE. As with many popular models, manufacturers in China will almost instantly flood the market with cheap counterfeits. Be wary of where you buy your DM-5R. Radioddity.com and our Amazon Affiliate Store Sanatop are the exclusive retailers of the BaoFeng DM-5R, and the only way you can be sure to get a genuine DM-5R with full customer support and accompanying warranty.
Here are the specs for the DM-5R:
  • DMR Digital Radio
  • VHF/UHF 136-174/400-480Mhz
  • 2000mAH High Capacity Battery
  • High Power/Low power
  • 21CM Dual Band Antenna
  • 8-Level Stepped Frequency Selection
  • Auto power saving function,Super-Long Standby
  • Compatibility Of Digital And Analog Under DMR System
  • Supports Individual Call, Group Call And All Call
  • Supports DMR repeater function (DMR Tier I; can be upgraded to Tier II for less than $10)

All in all, the BaoFeng DM-5R is an important radio. Whether you upgrade it to Tier II or not, the DM-5R will provide crystal-clear transmission, all in a familiar package and at a price point that can’t be beat for a DMR."

Link to original page: CLICK HERE

The Big Net 2016 - 35 Years of Legal CB!

It's almost that time of year again! - The Big Net 2016 celebrating an incredible 35 YEARS of legal UK CB radio 2nd November 2016.

The main net will be on ch35 UKFM (27.94125) with SSB calling on 27.275* USB and AM calling on 27.125*

* Please QSY once contact has been made.

President Lincoln II + Review Part 1


So here it is, Part 1 of Dave's review of the latest version of the Lincoln 2. As you will be aware previous versions have been plagued with faults so it will be interesting to see if President have finally sorted out this radio.

This is the first part of Dave's review and more videos will follow in due course.

One thing I noticed on Dave's video was the missing resistor(Seen on Simon The Wizards radio) which is in the same place as the white wire on previous versions which you cut to allow export mode! Dave's radio doesn't appear to be in export mode at the moment so I'm guessing that once the resistor is removed you may need to enable expanded frequency coverage via the software.... 

... OR Maybe the resistor on STW's radio has actually been added and is required for export?

Friday, 23 September 2016

President Lincoln 2+ Manual

For those interested in the latest version of the Lincoln 2, the user manual is now available online in PDF format.