20 July 2017

UKFM Skip!


A nice contact to Germany by Fred (In the shed) during a recent sporadic E opening on the UKFM band. 

16 July 2017

Dave's Massive Erection - Vortex Q82 MkII

Dave, M0OGY has posted photos on Facebook showing his new Vortex Q82 MkII antenna for the 10/11/12m bands which measures a whopping 28ft long!

15 July 2017

TX Factor - Episode 17 (TXF017)

Video:YouTube/TX Factor

The latest episode of TX Factor which looks at Digital Modes and QSL cards.

3 July 2017

27.135Mhz German SSB Calling Channel!

Following on from the recent UK Facebook page which aims to promote the UK SSB Calling Channel on 27.275 USB (LINK), our friends in Germany have decided to do the same by launching a Facebook page for a German SSB Calling Channel on 27.135Mhz USB (Channel 15 Mid Band).

You can find the page on Facebook here: CLICK

Please join and share the page with your radio friends. 

1 July 2017

Ailunce HD1 - Another Dual Band DMR Radio!

Information sent via Twitter is that there is yet another new kid on the block when it comes to dual band DMR radios... The Ailunce HD1 by Retevis.

   (Click to enlarge)

And some great news is that this radio has a VFO mode with direct frequency entry (See Video):

   (Click to enlarge)

Price: TBA

28 June 2017

The Big Multimode Net 27/06/2017


Some action from this years Big Multimode Net in the UK.

27 June 2017

Retevis RT-82 Another TYT MD-2017 DMR Clone

These Dual Band DMR radios are coming thick and fast now with yet another MD-2017 clone, the Retevis RT-82.

So far I have seen these online being sold direct from China with the price being a tempting £170 so if you don't mind waiting up to 6 weeks for delivery this could be the DMR for you!

25 June 2017

27.275 The UK's Legal SSB Calling Channel

Just a reminder that the UK's legal SSB calling channel is on 27.275Mhz (Channel 27 Mid Band).

To help promote the calling channel a Facebook page has been created, please join and share this page and hopefully we can see an increase in stations on the SSB calling channel especially during the current sporadic E season.

Facebook Page: CLICK HERE