23 March 2017

Yaesu FT-70DR UK Price Revealed

So after yesterday's official announcement from Yaesu that their new FT-70DR/DE dual band digital handheld would retail for $200....

21 March 2017

New Yaesu FT-70DR Handheld

So Yaesu have officially announced a new handheld digital radio:

New Yaesu Radio?

An interesting post was spotted on Twitter from LAM Communications which appears to suggest that Yaesu have a new radio in the works....

ICOM IC-7610 Price Cock Up!

Whoops Missus!!!!

Looks like ICOM have cocked up with the price of their new IC-7610 radio....

20 March 2017

ICOM IC-7610 UK Price Revealed (UPDATED)

So Martin Lynch kick off with a price of £2999.99 for the new Icom IC-7610.

Lots of interest in this radio but will people be willing to shell out the cash????

UPDATE: Icom made a mistake with the pricing and forgot about the VAT!!!! New price is £3599.99 - OUCH!

Read more here: CLICK

Sunday DX: Harvard Good Buddy


More UK CB Radio action....




19 March 2017

Shortwave Radio Interference - Sky Q PLT?


So if you take a look at this video you will see that the problem is suspected to be from the new SKY Q set top box which apparently uses PLT even if it is connected via Wi-Fi.

Interference is the biggest threat to Ham Radio and CB Radio these days and it is shocking that so many electrical devices can cause horrendous and potentially dangerous interference to the radio spectrum.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who has had a similar problem which they can attribute to SKY television equipment.

18 March 2017

PMR446 Channel Expansion (Kenwood)

Kenwood Communications have published information regarding the upcoming implementation of extra PMR446 channels. 

Baofeng Launch 3 New Radios

Baofeng TECH have announced 3 new mobile radios to add to their ever growing collection...