19 May 2018

Delta Alfa Larne LOTA Tour - SOON!


"Standby DX Hunters!
At the end of this month, renowned DA-RC DXpedition team, the ‘Globetrotters’, have on their DX radar the majestic seascapes of Northern Ireland’s Antrim County.
Here the duo (aka 104DA102 Syl and 104DA101 Roy) have singled out a number of lighthouses positioned around Larne Seaport for some momentous 11m dx action.
From lighthouse grounds and/or within visual sight the activities will take place with a compact portable station planned for each DX mission"

You can get all the latest updates on the Delta Alfa website by clicking HERE

18 May 2018

NEW Kenwood TS-890S

Another new radio, this time from Kenwood. The Kenwood TS-890S.

Kenwood's new HF/50MHz/70MHz Base Station masterpiece. 

Featuring a full down conversion receiver, built-in roofing filters for 500Hz / 2.7kHz / 6kHz / 15kHz and a 270Hz option.

A full colour 7 inch TFT Display with full band scope.

100W output on HF/50MHz, 50W on 70MHz (Europe version only).

More information and final price and availability to be confirmed later this summer.

Details from Martin Lynch & Sons - LINK

CB Radio Thursday Southern SSB Net 17/05/2018


More SSB weekly net action here in the UK.....

NEW Yaesu FT-DX101D HF/50MHz 100W SDR Transceiver

A new radio is on the way from Yaesu, this time they're going down the SDR route which is something that they have resisted for the past couple of years. Yaesu had said that they were not convinced that the SDR technology was good enough to replace traditional radios. So I assume that they've improved on the technology enough now to produce this new radio.

Video:YouTube/Gigaparts, inc

70mhz button? 

12 May 2018

CB Radio Skip 12 May 2018

Conditions certainly have improved this week.....

CB Radio - Thursday Southern SSB CB Net 10/05/2018


Some cracking action from the Southern SSB Net here in the UK.

You can see all of the latest UK Net information by clicking HERE

CB Radio Skip (As Heard In France)

Video:YouTube/Rémy Dundee

One or two UK stations can be heard.....

6 May 2018

CB Radio Skip 05 May 2018

A short video with some long awaited skip here in the North of England. I had been on 10m (which was also open) on my Yaesu FT857D and thought I would have a quick listen to 11m.....

T2LT CB Antenna Giveaway!


Your chance to win a ready made T2LT CB Antenna......