13 February 2018

West of Scotland Radio Nets

With thanks to Stuart who has sent information to the blog regarding the many nets which take place in the West of Scotland for CB and Amateur Radio:

Sunday: 8pm
Echolink MB7IBH-L & 144.9625 FM hosted by Glasgow & Clyde Raynet.

Monday: 8pm
144.550 FM hosted by Paisley amateur radio club net.

Tuesday: 8-10pm
Glasgow & district Ten metre net, 29.050 AM.

Wednesday: 8-10pm
Glasgow & district midweek CB ch14 net, 27.73125 FM.

Thursday 8-10pm
Glasgow & district 70cm net, 433.450 FM.

Friday 7-9pm
Clyde valley net, 27.405 USB.

Friday from 10pm
Clyde valley 2 metre net, 144.310 USB (vertical polarisation).

It certainly looks like there is plenty of activity in the area!